"We chose Dr. Vicki Wang after consulting with two other orthodontists. She is knowledgeable, skilled and has such a gentle bedside manner! She has a way of connecting with her patients (and their parents) and putting everyone at ease. She thoroughly walked us through our treatment options with visual aids and videos and expertly addressed all our questions.

In addition, her staff is always professional, efficient and friendly. The intake process is well-oiled--we've never had to wait more than a few minutes upon arrival, and they are always quick to respond to any requests I have. I highly recommend the office of Dr. Vicki Wang."

Julie H.
Alameda, CA

"I started seeing Dr. Wang three years ago, and finally finished my treatment a few months back! It's been a long and arduous journey, but her care and patience with you will make the process easier on you. I'll be honest- I wasn't the perfect patient. I always forgot to wear my rubber bands at night. However, Dr. Wang would always be patient with me, and told me nicely that I needed to wear them or my procedure will take longer (amongst many other issues that may arise). The office has always been extremely caring, and were very informative on what they were doing to your teeth throughout the procedure. They were also extremely transparent with how much longer my treatment was going to take.

Lastly, after finishing up my treatment, the office rewarded me with a bottle of apple cider, which was a nice surprise! Thanks for everything. Now I can smile more confidently :)"

Natalie C.
San Leandro, CA

"So five years after my braces, my permanent retainer breaks....since I'm not trying to live that metal mouth life again - and getting told by my former orthodontist that a new retainer will run me $600 (!). I call Island Braces and quickly get an appointment.

Dr. Wang was so sweet and gentle. I'm getting used to that small town Alameda life and this office definitely has that feel to it (in a good way!)

They removed the old retainer, took x-rays, mold for my retainer and had me good to go for $250. I just got fitted today and Dr. Wang didn't let me leave until the retainer fit and was comfortable, they even set up a follow up in two months to make sure everything's okay.

While I hope not to go the braces route again, I was very happy to be a patient here....now let's hope nothing happens to this retainer :)"

Nicole P.
Alameda, CA

"I love this place, everybody is super friendly and very knowledgeable. We are very happy with my son's teeth results. Dr. Wang is always very nice and ready to answer any questions. We highly recommend this place."

Monica K.
Alameda, CA

"I had got my braces here at this location and I am happy with the result! Dr. Wang, the doctor is really nice and sweet. She's a sweet heart and she knows what she's doing! Not only is she great but her assistance and staffs are awesome! They are really gentle and actually pretty fast. Usually less than 5 minutes just to change my rubber bands! Otherwise if it is other things, it takes a little longer but still, it's fast! My monthly visits were always real quick and I finished my treatment earlier than the actual planned.

I highly recommend this place for ortho treatments. Though the price may be a little bit higher than most orthos, it's definitely worth it! (Especially if you don't have time to be wasting and is always on the go. I am very impatient!! And do not like waiting hours for my turn)."

Cindy C.
Oakland, CA

"Dr. Vicki Wang, DDS, and her staff were great to work with. Such a warm feeling when you enter the door. All true professionals. My lower teeth were crooked .I saw Dr. Wang's advertisement at Alameda theater one afternoon and made an appointment to see her and get a cost for straightening my lower teeth. One year later, straight teeth and a nice smile! So happy! Thank you Dr. Wang and staff."

Richard L.
Alameda, CA

"Dr. Wang did my braces for me over 6 years ago and did an excellent job! I had an open bite and spaces between my teeth. Treatment plan was perfect corrected all my issues. All the dentist I have seen send all their referrals to her and her staff! The staff even was able to get my replacement retainers covered by my dental insurance. Dr. Wang should have way more reviews than listed here. I have known about half a dozen people who have had their orthodontic treatments done here."

Christina B.
Oakland, CA

"I can't agree more with all the great previous reviews! ... I love this place and the staff is super friendly. Dr. Wang is kind and funny. I got my braces removed over 6 yrs now and I still love my smile!!!"

Viviana R.
San Leandro, CA

"Love everyone here. My daughters and I go here for dental work. The dentist Vickie is great!!!!! I can't say enough about her personality. She rocks! She is very attentive with her clients. Her office manager Adriana is so informative about her position. She can answer any question that you might have. She explains everything you need to know very clearly. Prices are reasonable. The dentist assistants are great! They take very good care of you and are great at what they do. The rest of the staff is also a joy to be around. It's like a family atmosphere. I wish I worked here. Lol I would not be stressed at all. My daughters' braces have come off and I love what Vickie has done to help my daughters' teeth! I can see my daughter's teeth shifting with ease and coming along great. What I can't wait to see are MY teeth. I already had a perfect set of chops but I want them to be flawless. Lol! Love this place and would definitely recommend this office. P.S you in and out. No waiting around."

Tamu V.
Oakland, CA

"I completed my orthodontic care with Dr. Wang and had a great experience throughout. Before getting braces, I had to have surgery, which was a major concern for me. Dr. Wang was reassuring, and her staff got in touch with my doctor to make sure that the whole process, including insurance coverage, went smoothly. Before treatment began, Adrianna, the treatment coordinator, went over all my options, and was really patient with all my questions. I really felt like I understood what my financial obligations would be from the get-go. Overall, Dr. Wang and her staff are really helpful and kind. Dr. Wang is so nice, and was always willing to answer my questions, and was great at explaining what was happening with my teeth at different stages of treatment. Her office is really efficient and my regular visits to replace my rubber bands were always really quick - I never had to wait more than a few minutes for them to help me, even if I arrived early for my appointment. All of her staff are friendly, helpful and professional - I highly recommend Dr. Wang, especially for adults who are a little nervous about getting braces!"

Oakland, CA

"Three years ago, I got my first braces as a adult. I am so happy that I got them at Dr. Wang's office. Her warmth and willingness to answer all my questions made me feel right at home. Over the years, as I got to know the rest of the staff, I noticed that they were just as warm and willing. And friendly. Ashley and Leo always made me laugh, joking with me when I would pick the same color every month for my wires! Maria was always nice and centered. And, Adrianna at the front desk is always so calm and kind. They are an exceptional orthodontic office for any age and I recommend them highly."

Tasha C.
Oakland, CA

"I just got my braces off, and I love my teeth! Everyone is super nice and they really stress the importance of caring for your teeth. Adriana is really nice and so is her work mate at the front desk. I NEVER had a bad experience there. I would highly recommend this office to anyone."

Octavia R.

"Dr. Vicki Wang, DDS, is a seasoned orthodontist with Ivy League training who is nice as she is smart, which is a welcome combination of traits. I felt cared for personally as well as medically. Her practice location is conveniently located in Alameda (with partner sites that you can also go to in Oakland) in a quaint residential setting that is clean and safe. Her office staff is family-friendly and fun to interact with. With time, we all got to know each other and bonded nicely such that (you may laugh) I was a bit sad to end treatment.

The end result was a beautiful smile with a nice set of pearly teeth that delighted me. Unfortunately for myself, I had to have multiple orthodontists due to relocating plus injuries and Dr. Wang has been far away the best. I feel very fortunate to have found her.

Other family members and friends come here, and they are equally pleased with how they were treated and impressed with her knowledge and skill. She does tend to have a gentle touch about her so I am at ease and looking forward to sending my children there when they grow older.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Wang and her staff!"

Mac O.
San Fernando, CA

"I'm definitely satisfed with Dr. Wang and her whole team!! Very friendly, efficient, respectful, make me feel great! Not only smile in our face, smile in our hearts. Thank you."

Alejandra M.
San Leandro, CA

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